Far Away { hunhan }

----------------------------- S T A R T ------------------------------

Far away ... Just far away ..... You just far away ................
Nothing can change my feeling to you. Yes, absolutely. You can't. They can't. Even myself can't.
I've just can't control myself when I saw you. Just can't.

Actually, I was looking at you from far away without you knowing it.
I just love to lok at you. I can't explain it by myself. I just love. Ahhh, seriously.
My heart beats very fast when I look at you. For me, you're perfect.

But you're never look at me back. You have no respond.
I'm very happy if you're able to look at me back but as I said, you never know.
You never ever know that you had been watching by me.
You never realized that isn't it? Hmm, yes maybe.

As you know, I'm a human too. So I have been dissapointed so much.
Why? Hmmmm...maybe just because I'm the only one that have a feeling for you.
Unfotunately not maybe but yes. I'm the only one who having all those 'shit' feelings.

The only one of my wish,
Could smile at me for once. Will you?

"I just loving you forever even you have been far away ...."

                       -------------------------------- E N D ------------------------------------

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