{ Jongin / Kai }

- A blonde hair guy. Handsome and hot boy. And rich too.

-His goal is trying to be with Kyungsoo's sexy younger sister, IU.
- Playboy. A famous playboy but suddenly fall in love with Kyungsoo.
- Any girls or boy easily flirt with him.

{ Kyungsoo/D.O }

- A red hair guy. Cute, nerd and smart boy. Has a big eye shape.

- Having a crush on Jongin for a long long time ago until now.
-Has a sexy and hot younger sister named IU and a beautiful + tall older sister, Sooyoung.
-Easily get jealous when any girls have an interact with Jongin.

Other Cast ;

{ Jieun/IU }

{ Chanyeol/Yeollie }

{ Luhan/Lulu }

{ Sooyoung }

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