Episode One

“Kyungsoo, wake up dear. You gonna be late for school.”shouted his sister, Sooyoung.

“Yeahh, I am. 5 minutes more.”reply Kyungsoo.

“No no no. Wake up now or I tell daddy.”said Sooyoung.

“Ok ok. I wake up now.”Kyungsoo wake up lazily an then he straight to the bathroom.

“Hmm. Good boy.”said Sooyoung while smiling.


“Hi my dear Kyungsoo.”said a hot handsome boy with blonde hair.

“Oh hi. I hav--”Kyungsoo stop his words.

‘Wait, what ?!!! My dear? Did he just said “my dear”?’ask Kyungsoo himself.

“Wait wh---“Kyungsoo stop his words again when he look up and see a handsome boy with blonde hair in front of him.

“J-Jon-Jongin? Kim Jongin? What the ---“again, Kyungsoo’s words was stop by Jongin’s finger.

“It’s Kai. K.A.I. Kai.”reply Kai as he left Kyungsoo alone while smiling at him.

-----------------------------------to be continued----------------------------------------------

A U T H O R 's  S E C T I O N

To readers,

         Hey. Finally done for episode one. I'm so sorry for a short episode. Very very and very sorry. Will make a long episode after this. Maybe. Hahaha ^^ I'm so tired today. Hope you guys read it and comments. Thankyou  ;)

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